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DOE, DSHUD, PropTech MOU signed

We thank the DOE and DSHUD for complementing each other and jointly assisting the PropTech Consortium of the Philippines in the fulfillment of its vision, mission, and strategic objectives and to transform the country into a more sustainable, resilient, digitally connected, and inclusive nation.

Both agencies are committed to developing programs to incentivize stakeholders for new business models in the power industry that promote the development, utilization, and commercialization of renewable energy such as but not limited to Solar Community Development.

We recognize the unwavering support of PropTech Chairman Emma Imperial, President Sylvester Wong, Secretary Josephine Romero, our Board of Directors, DOE Director Atty. Patrick Aquino and his team, DSHUD HREDRB Division Chief Julie Torres and team, Subdivision and Housing Developers Association - SHDA led by the Board of Adviser Rosie Tsai, Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers PH led by Chairman Marcelino Mendoza, PSSEA led by Ping Mendoza, PSSEA VP Aldren Samson. All came in full force to support PropTech.

Watch out for more updates on this initiative.



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