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Proptech Consortium of the Philippines congratulates Revastaff

The Proptech Consortium of the Philippines extends its warmest congratulations to Revastaff for their remarkable achievement in winning the prestigious Select USA APAC competition. This outstanding accomplishment has earned them the esteemed opportunity to represent the dynamic and innovative landscape of Philippine startups at the upcoming Select USA Investment Summit, scheduled to take place from May 1-4 in Maryland, which is conveniently located near Washington DC.

Revastaff's triumph in the Select USA APAC competition serves as a testament to their exemplary vision, dedication, and groundbreaking solutions within the proptech industry. Their success not only showcases their exceptional capabilities but also reflects the strength and potential of the Philippine startup ecosystem as a whole.

As a leading proptech consortium in the Philippines, we are immensely proud to witness Revastaff's well-deserved recognition on an international platform. Their participation in the Select USA Investment Summit will undoubtedly provide them with invaluable opportunities to engage with global investors, explore strategic partnerships, and further expand their reach and impact.

We are confident that Revastaff will excel in representing the vibrant and forward-thinking spirit of Philippine startups at the summit. Their presence will undoubtedly inspire and motivate other aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the immense talent and potential that our country has to offer.

The Proptech Consortium of the Philippines once again extends our heartfelt congratulations to Revastaff on their remarkable achievement. We wish them continued success in their journey and look forward to witnessing their contributions to the proptech industry on a global scale.



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